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Blue Surf School Newquay

The University of Waves

27 September 2016

Here at Blue Surf School we offer a unique surf experience with surf coaching at all skill levels, we aim to constantly work to improve and develop your skills in the water. We are based in Newquay view resort, Porth with accommodation on site and only a short walk or drive to the beach and Newquay town.

The package includes:

Beginner to intermediate surf lessons (including outback sessions).

Video coaching for intermediate to advanced surfers with feedback on footage.

Packed lunches provided on beach.

Accommodation at Newquay view holiday resort, Porth in static homes.

Access to all resort facilities e.g. indoor and outdoor swimming pool, sauna, steam room, hot showers.

Rentals available e.g. wetsuits, boards etc.

Provided daily transport to the beach

Handplanes, bodyboards and fins available to use.

Daily beach clean before leaving the beach

    To find out more please call 07856692869


    My Work Experience

    16 July 2016


    Hello, My name is Jasmine and I am 15 years old and I decided to do my Work Experience with Blue Surf School. I decided to do my work experience here because it looked fun (which it really was). I didn't realise how busy I would be, but Blue Surf School really is the place to be. This week I have learnt how to rent out beach equipment, I have done a bit of advertising and I have mainly worked in the shop. All in all I have had a really great week here; everyone is really welcoming and I have learnt a lot. 

    New in Stock

    01 July 2016

    We have just taken stock of these awesome Vision 6'6 softlites.  Soft, Light and Fun. The Softlite range has superb templates and is designed for outright beginners that want to progress and improve their surfing to the seasoned beach bum who just wants to catch loads of waves and have fun! The Softlite is a favourite of surf schools around the world teaching both beginner and intermediate students.


    03 May 2016

    Some days the wind is still and the sun is out but the waves are tiny, in days gone by frustrated surfers would twiddle their thumbs imaging what they could be doing if only a swell would arrive.  Then SUP's arrived! and SUP or stand up paddle board is perfect for those still days.  You can pick up tiny waves or cruise around the bay.  There are plenty of great sots locally too such as the Gannell, Porth Beach or Watergate Bay.  

    At Blue Surf School our SUP's are all high quality circle one inflatable boards.  They blow up in five minutes and are down just as quickly.  This makes them perfect for throwing in the boot of the car and heading straight to the beach.  They come in their own ruck sack so that you can easily carry them too.  We've taken them out on several test rides and have to say that they were a huge amount of fun.  

    We are super pleased to announce the creation of our new kids surfing club!

    29 March 2016

    The Kids Club is new for 2016 and will only run during the summer holidays.  The club will run for five days, from Sunday until Thursday each week from 9.30am - 12pm.  

    The club is for Children between the ages of 9-13.  There are only eight places for each week, so booking early is highly recommended.  

    By the end of the week we hope that each child will have learnt about water safety and will have mastered the basics of surfing.  We are hoping that it will be a fun and rewarding experience and can't wait to get it started.

    Blue Surf School goes back to School

    18 November 2015

    We had an amazing first season at Newquay View Resort. The people we met and took surfing have left us with a profound sense of gratitude.  Seeing someone love the water as much as we do and being a part of that is truly humbling.  We just wish we could do it more.  Which got us thinking about how we could use surfing to improve our local community and inspire them to venture seaward.

    Then an idea formed.  What if we could work with disadvantaged young people, teaching them about the water and surfing and at the same time using all of that to push them forwards towards employment or that college course that was just out of reach.

    A little digging and we found out that Cornwall Council might just want to put some money behind our idea.  Well,maybe.......we've got a few months of form filling and "big decisions", but lets hope that someone who makes the "big decisions" can see just how powerful surfing can be and understands that it could be powerful enough to transform young peoples lives for the better.

    The September Sessions

    02 September 2015

    The Summer may never have quite came, but September promises great waves and quiet beaches.  September is a great time to surf, the water is still warm and the tourists have left us to leave the beaches quiet and calm.  Blue Surf School have got together to offer surf lessons on Sunday afternoons during September for just £15 per person.  The lesson includes all equipment as well as transport to Watergate Bay from the Surf School.  The September Sessions are a great way to get into surfing or brush up on your skills.  To book please use the online booking system or give us a call.

    Taking time

    16 August 2015

    We seem to spend most of our lives rushing around, never stopping, moving from the next thing to the next thing until the holiday finally arrives and we have the time to pause and look around.  Some of us look for something new and the lucky few find the ocean.  The ocean reminds us of just how small we are and helps us to put things into proper perspective. Surfing can be likened to meditation.  The ritual of checking conditions, choosing a location, packing equipment and finally entering the water makes us take the time to consider nothing more than the moment we are in.  Surfing is about more than just catching waves, its about taking time to clear our minds and to grow.  It can take us in new directions or steer us back on course when we have lost our way.  Sometimes its easy to forget to pause, but in the modern World it is an act that is becoming ever more necessary.

    What's it like to work at Blue Surf School?

    02 August 2015


    Work - I know it sounds like it's boring and hard but where I work it really isn't. I am happy to say I work at Blue surf School as who wouldn't it is a fun job, I get to watch people grow their confidence surfing; I get to see people leave thinking they are never going to be able to surf properly and coming back exhausted but with a massive smile on their face because they have gone out, had some fun and tried their best. Most of what I do is shop work at the surf school on Newquay View Campsite taking bookings for surf lessons, hiring equipment, selling beach goods , setting up the shop, organising equipment and talking to people about beaches and Newquay. Unsurprisingly I know it sounds like I am supposed to say this sort of stuff but I love my job its exciting and really develops my communication and confidence skills and to be honest if I didn't have a job this summer I would probably be sat on the sofa watching Netflix the whole summer. So I am very glad I didn't have to do that. Honestly, I really enjoy working at Blue Surf School, I have  a lot of fun and develop lots of new skills.

       By Freya Owen 

    Being Stoked

    28 July 2015


    There's only one certainty when it comes to surfing, that by the end of your first lesson you will understand what surfers refer to as being 'stoked'.  The feeling of elation and exhaustion is truly euphoric and begins to explain why surfing is something so powerful that it causes people to reshape and even rewrite their entire lives. 

    We have met countless people who have formed complex and deep bonds with the ocean and it all starts when you take your first surf lesson and venture into the unknown.  We are truly privileged to be a part of this journey on a daily basis and take immense pleasure in being present when the light bulb suddenly flicks on and a surfer experiences their first stoke.

    Group surf lesson at Watergate Bay with Blue Surf School

    Find Us

    We are based at Watergate Bay. Find us in the council carpark at the bottom of the hill. We are situated by the entrance on the left hand side.