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What's it like to work at Blue Surf School?

02 August 2015


Work - I know it sounds like it's boring and hard but where I work it really isn't. I am happy to say I work at Blue surf School as who wouldn't it is a fun job, I get to watch people grow their confidence surfing; I get to see people leave thinking they are never going to be able to surf properly and coming back exhausted but with a massive smile on their face because they have gone out, had some fun and tried their best. Most of what I do is shop work at the surf school on Newquay View Campsite taking bookings for surf lessons, hiring equipment, selling beach goods , setting up the shop, organising equipment and talking to people about beaches and Newquay. Unsurprisingly I know it sounds like I am supposed to say this sort of stuff but I love my job its exciting and really develops my communication and confidence skills and to be honest if I didn't have a job this summer I would probably be sat on the sofa watching Netflix the whole summer. So I am very glad I didn't have to do that. Honestly, I really enjoy working at Blue Surf School, I have  a lot of fun and develop lots of new skills.

   By Freya Owen 

Group surf lesson at Watergate Bay with Blue Surf School

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We are based at Watergate Bay. Find us in the council carpark at the bottom of the hill. We are situated by the entrance on the left hand side.